Wahrhaftigkeit heilt, 9. September 2017

Von Katharina Sebert. Wir fürchten sie, weil sie uns verletzlich machen könnte. Wie eine steile Treppe empfinden wir sie oft genug. Eine, die wir lieber meiden würden. Doch Wahrhaftigkeit führt uns dorthin, wo wir die wahren Schätze finden und teilen: An den Strand der Offenheit, wo uns das Meer der Gefühle und Emotionen anbrandet und wir zulassen müssen, uns hinzugeben, damit es unsere Innen- und Außenwelten formen kann. …  HIER weiterlesen.

Enough! A Companion Guidebook

Ein Buch voller Übungen, Praktiken, Meditationen, Gruppen- und Einzelanleitungen zur Erweckung, Erinnerung und Verwirklichung von Genug-Wahrnehmung auf allen Ebenen:
Ich bin genug – Wir sind genug – Ich habe genug – Wir haben genug – Genug.

„This wonderful book is a truly on-the-edge-into-the-new-paradigm guide. We all have a deep longing for being enough and having enough and in this book we remember that we ARE enough and that there IS enough. It is an eye opener and a heart reminder of our truth and the truth of our world. It brings peace to the restless mind and joy to the heart, it reconnects us with our soul’s abundance and makes clear that all we need is already there and had there been only waiting for us to awake and realize. Liberating ourselves from every single not-enough-feeling is the human awakening into our brilliant radiant light of love, peace and ease. This book is a compass on this way. Thank you so much!“

Neun Expertinnen für Kreiskultur, Einzel- und Gruppentherapie, Seminarleiterinnen, Künstlerinnen, Autorinnen, Beraterinnen und Coaches führen in diesem Praxisbuch ihre kraftvollsten Werkzeuge zu diesem Thema zusammen.

Donna Ahlstrand, Dorothy Rowdy Brewick, Katharina Sebert, Laurie McCammon, Linda Sechrist, Lorraine Lima, Mary Morrill Cunningham, Suzan Nolan und Tu Bears

Guided Meditation: Tonglen Heart Breathing
Katharina Sebert, co-author of the Enough Companion Guidebook.
The Tonglen Heart Breathing Exercise is Activity 2.8 in the Guidebook.

Guided Meditation: Love Breathing
Katharina Sebert, co-author of the Enough Companion Guidebook.
The Love Breathing Exercise is Activity 2.9 in the Guidebook.

Ho’oponopono Peace Ceremony
Katharina Sebert, co-author of the Enough Companion Guidebook.
The Ho’oponopono Ceremony is Activity 3.13 in the Guidebook.

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You are Enough! Guided Meditation with Music.
A relaxing multimedia experience of the Enough Work.
Music: „Gifts of Light“ by Nadama and Shastro on the Reiki Offering CD.

No.1 Way to Change the World? Join a Women’s Circle!
Laurie explains how joining a women’s circle is the single most important thing you can do right now to become resilient in these troubled times, to empower yourself, and to transform the world into a better place for all. The recovery of feminine power in ourselves and the world is THE transformational force that will bring a New Story for all humanity.
Now is the time. TOGETHER WE RISE!
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Empfehlenswert zur Vertiefung:
„Enough! – How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word“
von Laurie McCammon:

Do you, like so many of us, believe that you will never have enough time, money, talent, or love to be truly happy? Do you think you’re not good enough, not rich enough or thin enough or smart enough, to have the life you want? Or that the problems in your community and the world around you could be solved if only there were more to go around? Everywhere, all the time, we get this message that there is something lacking, something more, something better to strive for. In fact, the idea that there isn’t enough or you aren’t enough is so deeply ingrained in us and into our culture that it holds sway over pretty much every aspect of our lives, from how we perceive our self-worth and our skills as parents, friends, and partners  (I am not enough) to the ways in which we are taught and governed.

But what if it’s a lie? Author and activist Laurie McCammon wrote this book to show you that it is all a lie. Discover how your own never-enough thinking has been limiting you and how to challenge it in all the places it lurks. Let Laurie show you how to develop a sense of enoughness that can change not only how you feel about yourself but how you view time, your relationships, your work, and the possibilities for helping to shape a better world.
HIER bestellen.